Here’s your roadmap for the semester!

  • Readings should be completed before each class session
  • Assignments are due by 11:59 PM on the day they are due
  • Class materials (slides, in-class activities, etc.) will be added on the day of class

Evaluation and causation Reading Assignment Class
January 15 Evaluation, data science, the causal revolution, and the tidyverse
January 22 Regression and inference
January 22/29 Problem set 1
January 29 Theories of change and logic models
January 29 Problem set 2
February 5 Measurement and DAGs
February 5 Evaluation: Background and theory
February 12 DAGs and potential outcomes
February 12 Evaluation: Measurement
February 19 Threats to validity
February 19 Evaluation: Causal model
February 20–26 Exam 1
Tools and methods Reading Assignment Class
February 26 Randomization and matching
February 26 Evaluation: Threats to validity
March 4 Difference-in-differences I
March 11 Problem set 3
March 11 Difference-in-differences II
March 14 Problem set 4
March 25 Cancelled because of COVID-19
April 22 Problem set 5
April 1 Regression discontinuity I & II
April 22 Problem set 6
April 8 Instrumental variables I & II
April 22 Problem set 7
April 12–April 22 Exam 2
Applied evaluation Reading Assignment Class
April 15 Planning and running evaluations + other types of evaluation
April 22 Ethics and open science
April 22 Code-through due Cancelled because of COVID-19
Final Reading Assignment Class
April 29 Final project due (submit online by 7:00 PM)